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Charles Stroemer
2014-07-30, 08:47
PO1 Dotten
2014-07-07, 21:02
United Military Travel offers the best travel assistance you can find. The staff is professional and I will be sending my family and friends! Cheers.
SPC Jones
2014-07-06, 05:31
Awesome company! Thank you
PO2 Rowland
2014-06-17, 06:06
crystal Gill did a great job...very personable. she was very patient! she sold me.
Ashly Ridgeway
2014-06-14, 22:02
Meghan was wonderful! Made my day! thank you meghan! hope to work with you in the future!
PV2 Rowe
2014-05-28, 07:53
United Military Travel is great. The people I have spoken with are very polite and was of great help. My travel agent/assistant, Derek Slezak, was outstanding. He is prior military so he knew how to relate, while we were awaiting on the process to go through, we had something in common to talk about. He also went above and beyond his normal job. When I told him I was having computer/internet problems, he hooked me up with a link to clean my computer. Also, the lady who originally helped connect me to Derek, was very polite and worked with me with ease. You guys are great and I was be a returning consumer
PV2 Etchebehere
2014-05-17, 03:24
So i just ordered a flight from united military travel I spoke to a Brittany S, she was very helpful, she was able to answer all my questions and helped everystep of the way. I was use this site for future travels
SPC Robinson
2014-05-15, 08:31
Carmelo was very helpful! Excellent service !!!
SPC Lentz
2014-05-13, 00:00
Aside from being easy to work with, this company seems to be good at hiring friendly, beautiful women.
SGT Polk
2014-05-07, 05:34
If nobody can get it done Kymberly Drennen can get the job done go see her she's the best!!!
PO1 Day
2014-05-06, 23:41
I want to give a big thanks to Kimberly Drennen who i think is the best travel account consultant out there! I would also like to thank Crystal, who is the best proceed button pusher ever! Hoorah United Military Travel!
SPC Fritz
2014-04-23, 00:25
Cannot thank United Military Travel enough for helping me get home for summer leave. SO simple and easy. And the customer service representatives were very helpful and quick. They're the best! ‪#‎Respect‬
PFC Epperson
2014-03-12, 03:32
I would highly recommend Kym to anyone seeking travel assistance. She was very professional and worked in a timely manner to get me a really great deal on my flight. Next time I use UMT, I will personally request for Kym's expertise and professionalism. Thank you!
SGT Polk
2014-02-26, 02:35
These guys are awesome!!! Approval in seconds very satisfied with customer support talk to Sidney Langston she's the bomb. Com
SPC Kelley
2014-02-23, 22:37
Friendly staff.. and great deals!
SSgt Butche
2014-02-14, 20:39
I had such good service when I was contacted. The operator Carmelo was amazing and so nice!
PO1 Criddle
2014-02-13, 02:55
Kym, Thank You For the best service I have recieved and your amazing patience with my irregular schedule. Tell your Boss you should be promoted at the earliest possible promotions. Thank You So Much. Off To Seattleeeeeee
SPC Parker
2014-02-04, 07:51
You guys were the best thanks
Sidney Portis
2014-01-29, 03:42
God Bless this agency! They have saved me just in time! Thank You!
PO2 Hunnicutt
2014-01-21, 22:12
Best service I've every used... Sleezy military travel screwed me over before, and I said I would never use one of these services again. Thank you Kymberly Drennen, your customer service skills were impeccable and reassured me 100% that I was a client and not a customer... This woman needs a raise lol... But all jokes aside... Best service yet.. They REALLY care about there armed forces employees and do there beat to find what works for you. Thank you for and amazing service United Military Travel....!
SGT Sharp
2014-01-10, 05:09
Thank you for all that you have done. I relly enjoyd being home. It was a nice break from germany. i rellay cant thank you enough. I did recieve your christmas card in the mail thank you.
Kyle Sharp
2013-12-23, 07:44
Dear United Military Travel,
Every Christmas holiday can be stressful for any military service member. It seems to be the only time the airlines charge both arms and legs just to go home for the holidays. For myself, it would've been completely impossible had it not been for the help of Meghan Mounce!
After nearly an hour phone call and incredible, personal customer service, I had a way home for Christmas to see my family. And trust me, it means more than the world to them that I can be there!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Meghan Mounce is by far THE BEST consultant you all have!
SGT Castaneda
2013-12-22, 07:01
United Military Travel helped ensure I was able to fly home after a last minute flight cancellation from a previous booking agency. Their agents Carmelo and Courtney were professional, polite and patient. They were easy to work with and thanks to their help I will be able to get back home for Christmas!
PFC Washington
2013-12-19, 02:44
I was recently able to get a plane ticket financed through this institution within two days thanks to the awesome customer service from Ms. Chyvonne Winslow and Meghan Mounce. I will definitely recommend to others in need of assistance in the future. Great job overall!
PO2 Klepatzki
2013-12-10, 07:39
Thanks kim, for the help and the speedy service.
SSG Sooaemalelagi
2013-12-09, 06:40
I am sorry for the late post since we got help from your company. I am indeed profound of the professionalism that your company had offered us. The immediate response and the very, very excellent customer service that we have received is an unforgettable experience we will forever cherish. I also wanted to thank and commend these two people from your company who had such excellent customer service during the time we were in need of help. They are Carmelo Lopez and Derek Slezak. They never gave up on getting the best deal for us. They stayed with us throughout everything. Rarely in this world can you ever get this kind of service. I pray that they get promoted this Christmas and any other day because of their utmost Customer Service. Anyone that is reading this and in need of help these are the two that we have witnessed their excellent service and we also trust and believe that the whole company is blessed with many more people like them. Please try UMT and I guarantee you it will be the best choice you have made your whole entire life. God bless UMT and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thank you,
Apelu & Apaula Sooaemalelagi
Jessica McVay
2013-11-24, 21:04
I recently booked a trip with United Military Travel and I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about the customer service that I received! When I first called I spoke with Mike Green and immediately we connected with stories of our times in the Corps. For the remainder of the time I worked with Derek Slezak and all I can say is that he did EVERYTHING in his power to make sure my experience was not only stress free but fun too. I actually looked forward to receiving his calls. Having been out of the military life for 3 yrs now, I miss the friendly banter and jokes that goes along with everyday life while on Active Duty. Derek brought that to me every time and made me feel right at home. He was extremely upfront and honest as well as punctual and treating me as if I was the only customer he was dealing with. He treated my needs with a sense of urgency that can only be coming from someone who truly cares about others and providing real American Customer Service. I highly recommend United Military Travel and I would only trust Derek Slezak to make my travel dreams a reality! Give Derek a call and I promise...you won't be disappointed!
SPC O'Shea
2013-11-23, 04:14
Dear United Military Travel,
Every Christmas holiday can be stressful for any military service member. It seems to be the only time the airlines charge both arms and legs just to go home for the holidays. For myself, it would've been completely impossible had it not been for the help of Meghan Mounce!
After nearly an hour phone call and incredible, personal customer service, I had a way home for Christmas to see my family. And trust me, it means more than the world to them that I can be there!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Meghan Mounce is by far THE BEST consultant you all have!
SSgt Huff
2013-11-20, 23:46
Crystal Gill was THE BEST with her customer service!! She went above and beyond to ensure I had what I needed, and ensured that I understood every step of the process. Probably the most stress-free encounter I've had in a while. Thank you!
SSgt Kenitzer
2013-10-29, 22:48
I wanted to say thank you very much to Carmelo Lopez and Taylor Cohn for all of there help and support. Both have went above and beyond what they needed to do to to proved exactly what I needed. They were very friendly, helpful and made it the best customer service experience I have ever received from any company I have dealt with. Thank you both so much for all of your help. You two will make this the best Christmas present possible for my father and family!!
PFC Lentz
2013-10-21, 00:01
Thank you Josie for a very friendly and hassle free experience
PFC Samuel
2013-10-07, 18:21
Shout to awesome service and a job well done! Thank you Taylor Cohn for a easy and very fast service!
SPC Hill
2013-09-19, 08:15
Thanks to Taylor Cohn she helped me a lot and is very squared away she is the best agent you got
A1C Rendon
2013-09-03, 05:58
Huge shout out to Taylor for her amazing customer service! I say we need more people like her in this country! Keep up the great work!
SSgt C. Stroemer
2013-08-29, 05:31
Just got back from the CONUS and BIG UPS to TAYLOR YA'LL. What an excellent service she helps provide.
MSgt Kirifi
2013-08-21, 23:22
Amazing and credible customer service by Ms. Courtney who provided me with an awesome service and support, even went overtime to assist me with changes to my upcoming trip. I commend her for a great customer service and patience during the process. Thank you Ms. Courtney and to the United Military Travel!
L. Figueroa Bidot
2013-07-26, 18:30
you Guys are the best!
SPC Freeny
2013-07-20, 10:48
Crystal has been informative, friendly, and overall the most awesome person I've ever had the privilege to have assist me. She has gone above and beyond and made my experience painless and enjoyable. I'm referring everyone I know that may want to travel.
SPC Anderson
2013-07-19, 18:33
I MUST SAY...The past two days I have received the most INCREDIBLE customer service from this company. I am very picky when it comes to this, and the people that I spoke with went so far above and beyond that they should be put in for an award..no kidding! I WILL definitely recommend this company to my partners and friends. I hope that they will have the pleasure of speaking with the agents I did...I was blown away! Fast, friendly, accurate, personable, interesting, and most of all..all of these traits were brought to me with a smile. I could tell! Miss Courtney Hoffer, Thank you so much, you truly are amazing! Ms. Chyvonne Winslow, You made my day, Thank you! Mr Freddy Jreisat, keep up the good work boss...you're making winners out of people! SO, on a scale of one to ten, I give UMT a THIRTY! Thanks guys...outstanding job!
Continental Preme
2013-07-09, 16:03
Crystal is the best rep yall have hands down! lol #promotion
Milika Lynn
2013-05-02, 08:57
kym was great and i definitely be using united military travel again
SGT Ramirez
2013-04-26, 00:02
kym is the best assistance out there could have not gotten home with out her Thanks Kym
SrA Allen
2013-03-23, 04:49
You and your department are one of the greatest things I can honestly think of that was generated to aide the military. You have been nothing but helpful and gracious throughout all business transactions between me and your company. I let all of my fellow airman know of your services and hope that you all continue to assist us military and also encourage positive credit services to better all of our financial situations. We couldn't ask for anything more especially in the financial constraint that the government in general is in. It is so refreshing to know you guys can give us and our dependents the travel we so truly need sometimes. Thank you guys so much and hope you will be around forever.
Garrick Baliaris
2013-03-22, 06:50
Kym is awesome! She helped me with scheduling a last minute flight. Thanks!
PO3 Ndiaye
2013-02-18, 00:56
KYM YOU ARE AMAZING she helped me with a last minute flight for both my sisters
TSgt Smith
2013-01-03, 07:13
My search for a quality military loan company is at an end. I had a very personal experience with these representatives. I was provided the best customer service I have ever experienced and the travel they booked was perfect! My hotel was great and my flight was perfect. I was even provided a first class upgrade - free of charge. Thank you, United Military Travel! You are truly a model company. I will be contacting you again for future travel.
SSG Spurgeon
2012-12-08, 03:31
Just used your services for the first time and I must say everything went splendidly. Noted as one of the best travel arrangement processes I have ever had and the customer service and attitude was superb. I have already informed many of my co-workers about this company and I already have two future trips in which I will absolutely be calling upon your services again. Thank you for your speedy and dedicated service and I lokk forward to conducting business with you all several more times.
PS. Kym and Crystal were two of the most delightful customer service reps I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with regardless of situation and/or company. They were both speedy, thorough, witty and friendly. I feel I recieved a great deal. I was applied, approved, and vacation booked ( A rather difficult trip to book at that) within 2 hours start to finish of electronic sigining. Very impressive. Thank you ladies.

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