Nintendo 3DS Console

Enjoy Nintendo 3DS without the need for 3D glasses! Enhance your gaming experience with only the naked eye! The 3D game slider allows you to select the level of 3D experience you prefer.
Handheld gaming is about to change forever. From humble beginnings with one simple screen and a few buttons, the handheld console transformed to become a window into other worlds. Vivid colors, brilliant action and 3D depth await you on the other side of the Nintendo 3DS's top screen. Created without the need for cumbersome 3D glasses, this game system provides an elegant way to enhance your viewing experience with only the naked eye. Decide how much 3D you want to see with the Depth Slider, from no 3D all the way to the wonder of maximum 3D.

In addition to 3D visuals, the Nintendo 3DS offers a variety of other features to enrich your gaming experience. Operate the bottom touch screen with the telescoping stylus that can be stored inside the system. Change your perception of the world around you with fascinating augmented reality games and built-in applications. Take pictures and more with the inward-facing camera and dual outward-facing cameras. When you move the handheld system around, it knows: the built-in gyro sensor, motion sensor and pedometer detect movement to enrich your gaming experience. A wireless switch, circle pad and new input and controls complete the package. Are you ready to enter a whole new world of handheld gaming?


  • Take handheld gaming to a whole new level with 3D visuals that can be viewed by the naked eye
  • Two screens give you the same versatile gameplay you've loved in other Nintendo DS handhelds
  • Top screen displays 3D visuals that feel like you're peering through a window into a virtual world with true depth
  • Use the integrated telescoping stylus to navigate on the bottom touch screen
  • Adjust the 3D effect from its highest level to a scaled-back level or turn it completely off with the 3D Depth Slider
  • Inward-facing camera and dual outward-facing cameras offer personalized fun with pictures and more
  • Augmented reality games and built-in applications alter and enhance your perception of the world around you
  • Gyro sensor, a motion sensor and a pedometer detect interactions and movement with the handheld console
  • Wireless switch lets you effortlessly connect to the Internet
  • Includes cosmo black Nintendo 3DS, charging cradle, AC adapter, Nintendo 3DS stylus, six AR cards for use with augmented reality games and a 2GB SD card

Colors: Cosmo Black, Midnight Purple, Aqua Blue, Pearl Pink, or Flame Red

***Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.
****Nintendo 3DS color may be requested, but colors are not guaranteed.
S/H: $24.99

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