How to get a travel loan

  • Provide us with your preferred travel dates or travel itinerary by completing a travel submission.
  • Complete our online travel loan application to get an approval established. Completing your travel assistance application with your travel itinerary submission will expedite your service with our travel account consultants.
  • Upload your most recent end of month LES/RAS or pay voucher at the end of your travel loan application. You can also email this information to
  • Your travel account consultant will reach out to you to discuss the most affordable option for your trip and discuss the monthly payment plan options.
  • Once you have accepted our military travel quote & monthly payment plan - we will send you a small series of electronic loan documents. These documents can be signed from the comfort of your home computer, tablet, or smart phone!
  • A signed copy of your loan documents will automatically be emailed to all parties. We will then send your tickets and reservations electronically and you're on your way to a carefree vacation!

Do you have poor credit history? No worries! United Military Travel bases most of our approvals based on your military history or government employment history, rather than basing your approval on credit score alone. Due to our military lending underwriting program, we are more likely to extend credit to you based on your military or government history, rather than the average bank or credit union.

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