United Military Travel can guarantee that we are the lowest priced military travel loan company! We are so sure that United Military Travel is the cheapest military travel loan company that we put our money where our mouth is! United Military Travel offers to beat any competitor’s prices by 20% or more! Thats right! United Military Travel’s prices are at least 20% cheaper than our competitors!

United Military Travel would like to proudly announce: “We have never used our 20% cheaper military travel loan guarantee!” Our travel loan rates are lower than any other military travel loan company. Guaranteed. We have the lowest military travel financed fares and the best customer service! Our highly trained travel account consultants take time with each customer to find the best travel options, lowest travel fares, lowest monthly payments, and find the best financing program to fit your individual needs. We even have a down payment assistance program, which helps our customers to avoid making down payments. United Military Travel also works quickly in the event that a travel emergency arises. We have the ability to offer same day emergency travel loans.

Why is United Military Travel the best military and government travel loan option?

  • Easy & Secure Online Applications
  • Experienced Travel Account Consultants
  • Down payment protection program
  • Quick approvals of up to $10,000
  • Same day travel loans for emergency trips
  • Discounted Military fares
  • Family Vacation planning & Excursions
  • Guaranteed cheapest Military & Government Travel Loan option

Military Travel Loan FAQ

Q. How does United Military Travel keeps its military travel loans so much lower than its competitors?

A. United Military Travel operates under a different business plan than most of the Military & Federal Travel loan companies. Instead of charging outrageous prices, we offer a lower fare and lower booking fees than most companies. We prefer to gain loyal customer than a bunch of money at one time. We know that our military members protect our country everyday and although we are a for-profit company, we prefer to make our profits fairly. Instead of having high overhead with constant advertisement, we are able to cut that expense and have returning customers who refer their friends/family. United Military Travel is able to refinance your previous military travel loan and add on a new trip for little or no change to your monthly allotment. Most of our customers are return customers and send all their friends to us! They also get a $100 credit towards their next purchase using our referral program.

Q. How do I take advantage of United Military Travel’s cheapest military travel loan guarantee?

A. Give us a call at 866-582-9579 to get a quote or fill out an easy military travel loan application by clicking here. Tell one of our friendly travel account consultants about your trip and get a quote. We guarantee our prices are lower than any military travel loan company out there. If you have been shopping around for a military travel loan and you have a current quote from the same day, then United Military Travel guarantees to have a 20% cheaper price for the same fare. We are proud to say “United Military Travel has never had to use the cheapest military loan price match guarantee!” UNITED MILITARY TRAVEL IS ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST MILITARY TRAVEL LOAN OPTION!

Q. What happens if the price increases during the process of my loan?

A. Once you have completed your easy military travel loan packet we are responsible to pay for the ticket. You will not have to pay for an increase in fare. The minute you sign our easy travel loan documents your fare is locked in at the cheapest price! United Military Travel’s military and government ticket financing program makes sure that you don’t have to worry about the cost of your airfare increasing…Once you sign your documents the price is set!